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An independent animation production house

New Machine Studios was founded on November 6th, 2003 in the historic Barron building in downtown Calgary. From the beginning, our plan was to build a library of original animated films. We wanted to tell our own stories and use the medium we loved, animation, to do it. We just didn't know how, exactly.

So, we just got started. We bought a bunch of cheap computers, a few seats of Maya, and got to work. We didn't know anything about producing animation, but we knew that if we recruited dedicated people and trusted each other, worked our asses off and never gave up, we'd figure it out.

Fifteen years later, with twenty-six half-hours of television, seven feature films (and counting) and a ton of commercial projects behind us, we're still doing just that:

Getting started.

Years and Still Standing
Half-hours of Television
Feature Films
Desire to Quit
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We find dedicated artists and support their need to create


No studio would hire me,
so I started my own.
Colin Curwen
Creative Producer


I'm still trying to decide
between art and commerce.
M. Darren Sentner
Executive Producer
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