Ozark the Aardvark will familiarize preschool children with the letters of the Alphabet, plus the sounds attached to each letter, while helping the audience become familiar with identifying and decoding letters and words in context.

In each episode, Ozark and his pal Fiona the Flamingo, realize that one of the letters has left the Alphabet Tree and that the Alphabet is no longer complete. As a ‘Letter Keeper’ it is Ozark’s job to find the missing letter so that children all over the world can learn the Alphabet.

Their search leads them on exciting adventures, where they find funny and interesting characters and situations that highlight the letter concerned, all the time interacting with the audience to finger-draw the letter as they explore its use and behavior. Each episode ends successfully with them returning the letter to the Alphabet Tree, while recapping the adventure in a singsong rhyme.

Ozark has a fun-filled adventure finding each letter of the alphabet, learning how to use it along the way.