An itinerant magician of modest talent, Maximillian Bacchus performed his magic tricks for coins, until the day he meets the mysterious Professor Bentham. The master sorcerer produces an amazing array of dancing shadows, culminating in the breathtaking Shadow of the Gorgon, then disappears. Desperate to know his secret, Bacchus makes a deal with Bentham for the power to become the greatest sorcerer in the world. Bentham agrees, bestowing his powers upon Bacchus, but vows to return one day and reclaim the gift, and payment.

Bacchus takes to the highways of the world, dreading the day that Bentham will catch up with him. Along the way he collects a colorful cast of performers and companions: Hero the Strongman, Ophelia the Bird Girl, Malachi the Talking Crocodile and Domingo the Clown entertain kings and paupers as they travel from one edge of the map to the other. One day, lost, Bacchus encounters an old man who reveals the secret road to Xanadu. Hoping to find refuge and protection from his debt, Bacchus turns his wagon onto the path with Bentham in hot pursuit.

Clive Barker's 1974 masterpiece comes to life in gorgeous hand-drawn animation, as a master magician and his colorful band of performers travel the mystical road to Xanadu, fleeing a dark past and a debt to be paid.