Roy’s world exists in the clouds far above us, and it’s filled with strange little people living out a familiar, but slightly surreal version of our daily lives. They too make breakfast, wait for the bus and go to school or to work; but there also exist many strange happenings and creatures up there, and with Roy’s imagination and emotions always running away with him, we never know what to expect!

Roy lives in little house nestled into the top of a cumulonimbus cloud with his roommate Phil, and he enjoys the company of his neighbour Ted, a techno-inventor. Friendship is important to Roy and so is watching TV. Every day he jumps on Betty’s bus and goes to work at the cloud factory where he is in charge of releasing new clouds into the atmosphere, and since Roy’s world is built upon the clouds it is most important that the factory endlessly produce them.

Roy tries to make his way in the world of Cloud City, working at the factory, meeting new people and enjoying time with his friends. The problem is Roy lives his life in extremes; he’s always super-excited, crazy-mad or hopelessly down in the dumps, and his over-reactions to life’s little problems provide a never-ending supply of hilarious adventures.

Roy in the Clouds Trailer

Set in a surreal world of colourful characters, this cross-media animated series chronicles Roy’s hilarious adventures in Cloud City and the bizarre world of his imagination.