Follow Echo, as he struggles to balance the pressure of being the school’s new star quarterback with his secret love of dance, a love that is pulling him toward the exciting world of Hip Hop. His struggle to balance his father’s expectations with his own journey of self-discovery is mirrored in the trials and tribulations of his friends in the New Soul Crew. Battling against their rivals the No Mercy Crew and finding their creative voice, they must turn to the one thing they can truly count on: each other.

Music and dance are the lifeblood of Planet Rok; the pathway though which each member of the New Soul Crew finds their personal expression. Developing skill and momentum in motion, light and energy pours from every toe and fingertip, channeling power as they seamlessly blend old-school Hip Hop with the newest, freshest beats.

A fusion of funky style and anime-inspired action, the New Soul Crew bursts to life over the techno-chic backdrop of Planet Rok. Super-cool and ultra-clean design is the hallmark of Planet Rok, combining a reverence for the past that is the foundation of Hip Hop culture but looking forward to the future.

Star Quarterback Echo follows his true passion for music and dance to lead the New Soul Crew as they battle through the hip hop world of Planet Rok.